Pure Liberty

Instructed by Andrea Wady

Discover what is possible when you find friendship with your horse.

Explore the essence of horse and human connection and create a wonderful relationship with your horse.

Experience the joy when they come to meet you at the gate, when you find how to move together in harmony, and when you just share those quiet, still moments together.


Pure Connection for Kids

Instructed by Andrea Wady

This is a brand new program with Andrea Wady, trainer, instructor, and behavior expert with a passion for helping the next generations of equestrians find friendship, connection, and heart – through learning to consider what their horse or pony enjoys!

Crossing Bridges

by Andrea Wady

Follow this epic story of a woman and a horse.

In this vivid journey, Andrea shares her path from the world of domination and control over horses to awakening to a new way of being. With Zeus’ grace and guidance, the two travel side by side on the trek of a lifetime.