Andrea Wady

Do you want a better relationship with your horse?

Understanding your horse is the corner stone of connection.

“Stand still…take a deep breath….relationships can change in a heartbeat. Imagine a world, with our horses, where we could relax a little, let our horses be truly who they are, and relinquish the need to control every hoof beat.

Wherever you are in your journey with your horses, I can meet you there; no judgement, no criticism, just a meeting along the road on your journey with your horse. With over 40 years experience of horses i have learnt there is always more than one way up a mountain, maybe you take a turn my way, or maybe you don’t, it’s all good!

As humans we tend to approach our interactions with our horses as a battle to be won, a problem to be fixed, holding an attitude of 100% dominance, tow the line or else, my way or the highway! The flip side of the coin, is those who have given over all decisions to the horse, then we can have an animal who rules the roost, and you fear for your life each time feeding time comes around!

What if there is a beautiful balance to be found, a balance founded in mutual deep understanding without the need for coercion and make.

Let your pre-trained, prepackaged textbook image of what your relationship with your horses should look like just fade away. Imagine dropping all that baggage, stripping it back to just you and your horse…together for fun and companionship.

Does that mean you can’t ride? Does this mean you have to give up on all your dreams; the fun times you imagine having with your horse?

Not at all, far from it, but you can build your partnership from a place of mutual understanding, from a place of real connection, a place where you “both” enjoy what you are doing, instead of creating a situation where your horse is resigned to the fact that it’s just easier to let you have your way.

When we dominate our horses heart, body and soul,  their true self just fades away, in its place an obedient shell of an animal; a horse stripped completely of his own identity. I never want that for my horses. 

There is a way to keep all that precious spirit intact whilst still having an equine partner you can feel safe with and trust.

Give yourself permission to step away from the noise and chaos of the main highway and travel the trail less travelled.”

Fondest Regards
Andrea Wady